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Blue Blazer Caddymaster (4-pack)


You’ve tried hard seltzers – now try the Master.  Made by Blue Blazer in conjunction with Murray Bros. Caddyshack with CH Vodka, fresh grapefruit and lime juice and a touch of sugar, the Caddymaster is the low-ABV cocktail you’ve been searching for.  No artificial flavors or colors means no bad aftertaste, just the clean taste of premium vodka and the sparkle of top quality citrus.  Packaged in a one-of a kind can featuring Brian Doyle-Murray’s famous Caddymaster, Lou Loomis, this cocktail is perfect for before, during, or after your next round.

  • Producer Blue Blazer
  • Country Hierarchy Skokie, IL, USA
  • Alcohol Content  5%

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