Casteggio Sangue di Giuda
Casteggio Sangue di Giuda
The name Sangue di Giuda or Judah's blood comes from it's deep ruby red color, with purple hues just like blood. Legend says, after Judah’s betrayal and hanging, Jesus forgave him and allowed Judah to come back on earth, specifically in the area of Oltrepo’ by the town of Broni. When the local farmers recognized him, they wanted to kill him, but they spared him when he helped to heal their vines that had been affected by a disease. In return, they named the grape after him. Another explanation is that this wine is a "traitor" because it is so delicious that you can get tempted without much effort. Intense ruby red color with characteristic perfume aromas of cherry and more specifically of bing cherry. Fizzy, sweet and fruity taste.
  • Producer Cantina di Casteggio
  • Country Hierarchy Broni, Lombardy, Italy
  • Grape/Blend 100% Bonarda Piemontese
  • Alcohol Content 
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