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Villa Graziella Organic Silver Balsamic Vinegar


Organic certified Lambrusco, Sangiovese & Trebbiano Emilia Romagna grapes are the base ingredients forthe cooked grape must or “mosto cotto”. The acetaia adheres to the rules of the European Union’s Protected Geographic Indication IGP, ensuring the product’s authenticity and genuine origin from Modena. Indigenous cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, oak & sessile oak woods make the casks that season the “mosto cotto”, each with unique qualities & flavors. Wood aromas and essences blend with the grape varietals, resulting in a healthy,delicious everyday vinegar.

A clean, balanced, medium-bodied vinegar with notes of dark berries and a smooth subtle finish. A kitchen essential and excellent substitution for ordinary red wine vinegar, it adds depth and flavor to everyday dishes.Enjoy on all types of vegetables, fresh salads, grilled mushrooms, peppers & zucchini. Roasted Brussels sprouts,carrots & potatoes. Drizzle over butternut squash, pumpkin or tomato soup also risotto. A healthy substitute to caramel or chocolate sauce over baked apples or pears. Pair with Villa Graziella Organic Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Italiano for a delicious salad dressing. Perfect for the organic food enthusiast or daily home chef

  • Producer Villa Graziella
  • Country Hierarchy Modena, Emilia Romagna Italy
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